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First Blogger Collaboration!

Hey, y’all! I am so excited to say that this post involves another lovely lady from our WordPress community! We are both pretty new to the scene, and were already friends from college before starting our blogs! We decided to hang out yesterday and do a photo together while talking about upcoming collaborations! 

Emily of The Muse’s Melody and I went over to Ellis Island for some coffee and sweets first thing Saturday morning. If you haven’t tried it yet, it’s in Downtown Edmond on Broadway, and it’s delicious! The morning was cool and overcast, making it the perfect day for a steaming cup! I had a pumpkin pie latte and tiramisu, while Emily went for the iced mocha. My latte had all the pumpkin pie goodness without being as syrupy as Starbucks! It’s okay, Starbs! I still love you! πŸ˜‰

Whoops! I was so excited that I forgot to take a pic until after I drank it! πŸ˜‚
Here is the photo that our lovely barista took of us!

Her red dress with the leather jacket totally shows off her trendy, alternative style! I just love her look! I went with a less preppy look than usual, because I was in the mood for something a little more…hip? I guess? I also branched out a bit from my usual favorite designers while keeping some (Kendra Scott and Brooks Brothers) in my outfit! Change can be fun! Here’s who I’m wearing: 
Shirt: Ambiance Apparel (I grab many of my basic t-shirts at Ross!)

Cardi: Jody (found at a western shop in Stockyards City!)

Jeans: Levi’s

Booties: Clark’s

Hat: Brooks Brothers

Necklace: Kendra Scott

Watch: Fossil

Not featured: Cream Fossil bag

We had a great time, and look forward to collaborating in the future! It is so fun for us to be new together!! Please go check her out and follow her blog:

Have a great rest of your weekend! See you tomorrow!


Rolling Ice Cream and Crepes

What the heck is this?!?! The answer to that question is a relatively new (at least to Oklahoma) dessert trend: Rolled ice cream! Lychee rolled ice cream with mango boba and coconut flakes, to be specific! I’d heard of it and passed by the new shop, but we didn’t try it until yesterday afternoon, while we were taking full advantage of fall break! It didn’t disappoint!

The place is called Rolling Ice Cream and Crepes, and it’s off 2nd and Bryant in the shopping center with Which Wich, which was why we were there for lunch in the first place. I remembered that I wanted to try rolled ice cream, so we stopped in for dessert! The first thing we noticed was how cute and colorful it was! 

Dessert is probably my second favorite thing after Jesus (duh), and eating dessert in a happy environment makes it even better!!! The only thing that would make it better is PINK! 
After we appreciated the ambiance, we got to savor that flavor, baby!! The ice cream was delicious! It’s a bit harder than normal ice cream, probably to keep the rolled shape, but the taste did not suffer! I will say that the medium was pretty darn big! We probably would have been fine with smalls! Next time, we want to try one of the ice cream filled crepes!! Mmmm!! 

Y’all should go and check it out! We will definitely be back!

See you next time!


Parent Teacher Conference Tips

As y’all know, the past couple weeks have not been the best of my life. Life goes on, however, and last week was time for parent teacher conferences! My adoptive mom always says that no matter what, you have to “rally and sparkle,” so that’s exactly what I set out to do! I have a few tips that worked for me during my conferences! I hope they help! 

1. Dress to impress

I feel like this one is a big “DUH!” but it needs to be said! When I do conferences, I go for an old school professional look with personalized touches. My makeup is done, but not overdone, and I do sleek, no-nonsense hair to avoid hair-related fidgeting! French twists work wonders! I also make sure I don’t forget my name badge. Here is my outfit from Monday’s conference:

Sweater: Brooks Brothers
Skirt: Calvin Klein

Shoes: Kate Spade

Earrings: Kendra Scott

Bracelet: Rustic Cuff

2. Be prepared

When parents come, don’t be that guy who has to fish through a boatload of memories to find the kid’s grade. I had a (cute and pink) folder ready with each of my students’ grade reports and missing assignment reports so that I wouldn’t draw a blank. Many of my fellow teachers with more students had it all ready on an iPad, which also works well. I’m just old-fashioned! πŸ˜‰

3. Start with the positives

No matter how bad a kid’s grades or behaviors are, always start on a good note. If it’s “that kid” who always shows up when you don’t want him to, compliment the parents on their commitment to his education and his perfect attendance record. Make sure you are saying something that is true, though. The parents can tell if you are being fake! After you have talked about the good things, it is easier to bring up concerns, because you just showed that everyone is on the same team.

4. Be professional

Again, duh, but it must be said! I always try to build rapport and mention common interests, but our main job is to show that we know what the heck we are doing! I keep the introductions friendly, but I present myself in a professional manner when I am going over my grades and observations. Acting too austere can put parents off, but joking the whole time won’t work either. You have to find a happy medium that keeps parents comfortable and assured that their kid is in good hands.

5. Celebrate afterward! πŸŽ‰

You did it!! You got through parent teacher conferences! I like to go out and celebrate! That picture above was taken at Flatire Burgers, where Ben and I enjoyed a casual post-conference dinner! It was also our monthaversary, so bonus! We as teachers work our patooties off, and it’s okay to #treatyoself sometimes! 

I hope these tips were helpful! If you are not a teacher, I hope your kids’ teachers are making you feel at ease! Which tips would you add to this list? 

Until next time! 


When to Stop

Picture from the family’s country home!

Y’all. I LOVE to work. I have 3 jobs right now, and nothing gives me more joy and fulfillment than crushing it at work! Some have even called me a workaholic. This past week, however, has made me realize that breaks are okay sometimes.
On Sunday night, my dad lost his battle with colon cancer. I was heartbroken, but the wake (we don’t do funerals in my family) is not until December. What did I do? I kept my nail appointment that day to maintain my professional image and rolled into work on Monday for 14 hours straight. People told me to take some time, but as sad as I was, I felt even more stress when I thought about missing work. It was conference week!! 

In comes Tuesday, and I did the same thing, except that I only had an 11 hour day! That was a “break” for me. The harder I worked, the less I had to think about my dad. Unfortunately, I must have still been distracted in the back of my mind, because I totaled my car while driving us to a dinner date after work. Now we are down to one car for a couple weeks and having to deal with insurance stuff on top of the family stress. Surely I would take a day off then!

Nope. Back to work on Wednesday morning and receiving many phone calls from family members telling me to rest and take some time to process things. Honestly, it just made me hoppin’ mad! Working is how I want to get through things! Taking a break shows weakness! I made it through my lunch duty, where my boss straight up told me to take care of myself and let me know that it would not tarnish my reputation. Losing my positive professional reputation is one of my biggest fears, and hearing from my wonderful boss that it wouldn’t happen helped me make the right decision. I finally (reluctantly) decided to take everyone’s advice. I got my stuff together for the sub, went to teach my night class, and packed up my things.

I am writing this today from the country house in Beggs. I spent the whole day chilling with my mother-in-law, reading old cookbooks, and taking time to relax and reflect on my loss. I still feel restless, but I am relaxing for the next couple days so that I can return on Monday as my best self. No matter how much of a boss babe you are, sometimes breaks make you stronger and more effective. Listen to yourself when you begin to run on empty, and fill your cup so you can bless others, or at least not total your car! πŸ˜‰

Thanks for reading a more serious piece than what I usually post! I almost wanted to wait and just blog again about something happy, but life, even my pretty blessed one, is not always that way. These times remind us to appreciate the great times that much more. Wonderful times are ahead, but I need to get through this week first.


Exciting Changes

Placeholder Image

In case you haven’t noticed yet from the website, I have taken the leap and become a self-hosted domain! Glitter and Grades is now! DOT COM!!! I wanted to make sure I’d stick with this before making an investment, and I am elated to say that I look forward to blogging every week! I’m not going anywhere!

I want to thank all of you readers for your support! Please tell your friends!! You will keep seeing more changes on here as I learn the ropes of blogging as a business. My new content may contain some advertisements of things I love, so that you can just click straight from my page! I can’t wait to begin this new journey with all of you!

Have a great Sunday, and enjoy the week ahead!

❀ Shelby

A Weekend in the Country

(Name that musical!)

Last week was all fun in the city, but the weekend was pure country!


 I love living right outside of a capital city, and my coworkers and I made the most of that last Thursday! It was the science teacher’s birthday, and teachers got half off at the Melting Pot in September!! We had a great time, and the food was delicious! It is so nice to truly get along with my colleagues! We had the most ridiculous conversations the entire time! So much fun!

I got my favorite cocktail of theirs! It’s called the Yin Yang Martini, and it’s pure chocolate heaven!
Here we are rocking out Bricktown!! I’m wearing a skirt and jacket set from Express!! This outfit has never failed to earn me compliments!

Over the weekend, we traded the usual fun in the city for some time in Beggs with the in-laws. They just moved from the suburbs to an adorable country house and we got to see it! It was the best sleep ever because it was so quiet! There was no wifi, so we just relaxed and read! Such a nice change from the usual! One of the best parts was the tiny hamburger stand we visited both days! It looked like something from a ’50s movie! The food was delicious, and the shakes were the real deal! None of that powder crap! 

I went with a simple white button down and jeans! I still didn’t fit in! Maybe it was the Sperrys and the Kate Spade? πŸ˜‚

Though we are suburbanites who frequent the city, we equally appreciate a good weekend in the country! It was just what we needed to recharge?

Where do you prefer? City or country?

Until next time!